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Welcome to the Billy Blanks PT 24/7 club, a community that is committed to becoming stronger and healthier. PT 24/7 is not just a workout; it is a way of life! This site will grant you access to exclusive blogs, live chats and videos that will encourage, enthuse and educate you to be the fittest and the best!

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"I am motivated and encouraged by the PT 24/7 challenge. Not only does it inspire my whole body to become better and stronger, but it also inspires my mind." - John

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Benefits of Membership Include...

  • Blog

    Billy will share his tips to achieving the optimum you! Through these blogs he will provide his one-of-a-kind motivational tips, nutritional strategies that will make healthy eating fun and easy, true-to-Billy fitness advice, and exercise challenges exclusive to PT 24/7 members.
  • Live Chats

    Join Billy for quarterly chats as he sits with you to answer your questions and discuss your progress LIVE! He will engage members and chat about topics specific to the club, fitness and personal growth.
  • Video

    Billy wants to enhance your PT 24/7 workout and take it to the next level via these special videos. He will provide additional exercises to boost your routine, along with advice to incorporate into your life to bring you power and strength.
  • Ask Billy

    Now is your chance to ask Billy the questions that are burning inside of you. This is your chance to have fun, and get to know Billy through your inquiries that matter!